A FOUR-YEAR-OLD has become an internet sensation after racking up more than 40,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Young star Harley Charlesworth began making videos for his channel ‘Harley’s World’ only nine months ago, filming in and around the Barnsley area with his dad and producer Kieran.

Describing their videos as ‘kids’ horror’, the duo from Wombwell record their attempts to seek out children’s characters who they pretend are hidden around Barnsley, and receive around two million views a month.

Kieran told the Chronicle: “Harley was watching videos on YouTube and really got into this one American guy who makes similar things to what we do now.

“I saw it and realised that it would be easy enough to do, so thought we could go out and try it just to make him happy.

“It was only meant to be a nice little thing for family and friends and I put it online so everyone could watch.

“Before long it ended up getting thousands of views, so we just decided to go on from there.”

Kieran, a professional photographer, uses his technical skills to organise and record everything, though Harley is the brains behind the operation.

“He comes up with most of the ideas,” Kieran added.

“Obviously I don’t know about all these new children’s characters, so he’s telling me what he’s into and breaking down who they are. He’s such a natural on camera, a real little actor and he absolutely loves it.

“We’ll usually wait a few weeks between videos, I don’t want to him become bored with it so it’s all based on when he’s got an idea he’s excited about.”