A LOCAL councillor has called on the local authority to support areas other than the town centre after noting the sheer number of potholes in his ward.

Coun Chris Wray, who represents the Dodworth ward, told the Chronicle that motorists in Gilroyd and Higham are often negatively impacted by potholes.

He recently reported one of the potholes on The Link, in Gilroyd - and is hopeful that more can be done to ensure the roads are in a better condition.

“I want to start by saying the officers of the council do great work with the limited resources they are given,” he said.

“However, I must point out that there are parts of Barnsley that feel like they get more attention than others, leaving residents feeling left out.

“The Dodworth ward, particularly Gilroyd and Higham, are no different.

“It could be said that over £10m was recently spent in the ward - Penny Pie Park and resurfacing part of the roads leading to that - but it doesn’t help people outside there, nor help when potholes in other areas result in damage.

“I encourage everybody, across the whole town, to report potholes on the online portal - or contact your councillor to do this - as this is the only way that much needed attention can be brought to an area.

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as the saying goes.

“That or it has hit a pothole.”