A DARFIELD community club is appealing for younger members to join the ranks in what members described as an ‘almost invisible sport’.

The preconception of crown green bowling is that it’s a sport for the older generation, but members of Darfield Park Bowling Club are on a mission to change that.

They currently have 16 players in their ranks, five of whom are in their eighties - but their recent promotion drive is encouraging children as young as nine to get involved with the sport.

One of the team captains Patrick Murphy told the Chronicle: “One of the problems we’re having is that it’s not something that’s on TV - it’s almost an invisible sport.

“The issue we’re having is trying to get people on board.

“It’s such an enjoyable game to play and it’s not like football - you don’t need to be a super fit athlete.

“We’ve got a member who has lost his sight but still enjoys playing.

“Bowls will improve your hand-eye co-ordination and can increase your muscle strength and flexibility.

“It can also keep you in shape and may improve your balance.”

The club are also looking to get youngsters into the sport.

“We’re trying to get a youth team going but we’ll need a younger generation,” he added.

“Nationally there’s a children’s competition so we’re wanting to enter that.

“Our club house is set up for the community in Darfield but there’s not enough interest at the minute.”

To get involved, visit the club’s Facebook page.