A MASS public meeting of protesters was held last week to fight the ‘axing’ of Stagecoach bus services on Broadway.

The meeting, which took place on Wednesday and was attended by South Yorkshire Mayor Oliver Coppard, was supposed to take place in St Edward’s Church’s vestry - but the numbers were so large the meeting had to be transferred to the main part of the church.

Mayor Coppard spoke out in support of those in attendance, as dozens of residents told the meeting about how the cuts to services in the area have made them ‘suffer’.

In the end, the meeting unanimously agreed to organise a mass protest outside Barnsley Interchange on Wednesday at 1pm.

The event’s organiser, Ronnie Steele, who lives on Broadway, told the Chronicle: “The bus cancellations are severing the lifelines of hundreds of people, especially the old and sick of the Broadway area, and Stagecoach have shown, by their reaction, that they remain steadfastly unconcerned.

“We, the residents, are pleading with people, inside and outside the Broadway area, to come and support us on the demo.

“We need hundreds of people with banners, to show Stagecoach that we mean business and we won’t back down until an acceptable solution is offered.”