FINE arts students from Barnsley College University Centre have their work on display in Barnsley Markets.

The latest exhibition, which can be found by the rear entrance opposite Sports Direct, is focused on local objects and students’ connections to Barnsley.

Publicly exhibiting their work is part of the course and after searching other venues, they found a good spot within the market.

Student Sally Philburn, who also works with community arts for Barnsley Council, said: “I’ve created a piece based on my mum’s childhood bear.

“I couldn’t put it on display cause it’s 70 years old, so I’ve made a 3D printed replica.

“It’s on display inside a package that has pictures of my mum when she was four and got the bear.”

Other students, who aren’t from Barnsley, chose to bring an object from further away to connect with the town.

For example, Darcy Hirst based her work on kaleidoscopes that her grandfather made in her home town of Fleetwood.

“I’ve taken the colours and shapes from kaleidoscopes to make new structures,” she explained.

“While they’re from Fleetwood, I moved to Barnsley, so it’s about those new ties that have been formed.”