THREE local sports grounds have received support from a £93 million funding scheme.

Worsbrough Bridge Athletic FC, Houghton Main FC and Wombwell Town FC have all received a portion of the funding to develop their on-site facilities.

Both Bridge and Main hope to improve their goalposts with a £692 and £768 grant respectively, while Wombwell Town pocketed £15,800 to develop their grass pitches and maintenance equipment.

Wombwell Town FC chairman and team manager, Karl Rose, told the Chronicle: “We’ve got two bits of machinery that are helping us improve the pitches.

“It’s vital because we’ve got a lot more games on now and we’re really trying to get in as many matches as possible.

“It was a three month process to get everything sorted but it’s made a big difference already - we’ve been trying to improve the whole facility for the community and the 22 kids teams we have now.

“We all love football and we all play football - we’d play anywhere honestly, but we’re trying to get the best surface to help local kids play and improve.”