PROTESTORS who are taking a stand against reduced bus services have rallied again to hand a petition to Stagecoach management.

The group - who gathered at Barnsley Interchange last Wednesday to raise concerns about the former 43 and 44 services which have been replaced with the new 22a and 22c - met again on Monday to further their cause.

At midday they took their petition asking for the previous service on Broadway to be reinstated to Stagecoach’s office on Midland Street, however were told that management could not engage with protestors or accept the petition.

Ronnie Steele, who organised the event, told the Chronicle: “The decision they’ve made is based on a lie.

“Stagecoach said that residents at Broadway only have to walk 400 metres to the nearest bus stop - I looked on Google today and it’s 800 metres from my bungalow.

“There are some who are even further away - if you live on Ancliffe Drive it’s three times as much.”

There has been growing momentum supporting their movement since the services were axed in October, and they are prepared to host another public meeting on Thursday at 2pm in Kingstone Church to plan their next moves.

South Yorkshire Mayor Oliver Coppard said: “I support what the campaign is doing.

“Where we can we’ll work with people, but we don’t control the services so we’re still limited.

“There’s a unique geographical makeup in Barnsley with communities who are all separate from one another, and we need a bus service that adapts to that.”