THE Barnsley Liberal Democrat group have taken direct action to tackle the graffiti issue in Kingstone.

A recent resident survey undertaken by Kingstone Liberal Democrats has revealed that many residents in the area are unhappy about the untidy state of street furniture including telephone or internet boxes generally located on street corners.

Both current councillor Philip Wright and the Lib Dem candidate for the area in the upcoming election Steve Bullcock have received training and safety advice from the council to enable them to tackle the problem themselves.

They are aiming to clean at least one box per week in Kingstone.

Coun Wright told the Chronicle: “The current situation is so bad it perhaps needs to be written into any agreements with broadband or telephone companies that they are required to make good and remove graffiti from street furniture.

“It should not be the responsibility of the council to pay for cleaning it up.”

Mr Bullcock added: “Much of the street furniture in Kingstone is covered with graffiti tags and inane comments with absolutely no artistic value whatsoever.

“This blight on the area requires removing.

“We are probably one of the worst parts in the borough for this type of problem.”