BARNSLEY residents have been working together as part of a pilot training scheme on the causes and treatment of damp and mould.

The pilot session of the ‘Understanding Damp and Mould in Domestic Dwellings’ scheme saw four residents of Berneslai Homes take part in the online training.

Its aim is to educate participants on identifying the causes of the issue, as well as how to take steps to both prevent and treat it.

Arturo Gulla, executive director of property services at Berneslai Homes, said: “Keeping tenants safe is our number one priority, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to offer places to Berneslai Homes tenants on the training session hosted by Efficiency North.

“The focus was on empowering tenants to proactively identify, prevent, and tackle damp-related problems.

“During the training tenants were shown how to identify the signs of damp and condensation at an early stage, and what practical steps to take to prevent further issues such as ventilation, heating, and good housekeeping, which was the perfect complement to our existing ‘STAR’ campaign for tenants.”