BARNSLEY’S social media star Danny Malin returned home to document the changes to the town centre.

The 44-year-old Rate My Takeaway sensation shared a video on his other successful YouTube channel - Mr and Mrs Yorkshire - which he runs alongside his wife, Sophie.

He documented how it’s changed from his childhood to today following the Glass Works’ completion.

Danny said: “I first became familiar with the Glass Works in the run-up to Barnsley Fashion Week.

“I couldn’t get over how the centre had changed with even the markets having had a huge facelift.

“I was relieved to find Mermaid’s fish and chip shop my nan used to take me to is still there.

“While I love the new ‘tarn’ and my wife loves the library, there’s a few staples I loved revisiting such as Frank Bird, Parkway Cinema, and the memories of the nightclubs such as Hedonism and Pharoahs which used to be there.”