BARNSLEY Council’s planning department are set to rule on an application to build seven new industrial units in Birdwell.

The application, which was submitted in August, seeks to build the commercial units - ranging from 3,300 square feet to 18,600 square feet - on the Dearne Valley Parkway.

A target date had originally been set for November 29, 2023 but Barnsley Council’s planning board have deferred the plans.

An extended target decision date has now been set for February 28.

A month-long consultation period has already been held.

Each of the large buildings will have its own service yard and parking areas, whilst the smaller units will have a combined area.

A report states: “The variety of sizes was part of the original brief, allowing for new start-up businesses in the smaller units, with more established businesses taking the larger units if they desire to expand.

“The range also allows businesses to start up in small units and then expand into larger units on the same site.

“The layout of the units maximises the net developable area of the site but still allowing for all necessary service yards, car parking, bin stores and landscaping.

“The intention is for buildings to have their main office entrances facing the parking areas.

“This makes the building entrances noticeable which will be emphasised by a canopy and distinctive wall finishes at these points.

“Electric car charging points will be provided to each of the units.”

A total of 110 new car parking spaces will be added to the new site, as well as ten motorcycle, 60 cycle and nine disability spaces.

The plans state the site will be accessed from the existing road network of the Dearne Valley Parkway onto the existing Kestrel Way to the north of the site.

Although the road is not adopted, it’s intended that a turning head will be added to the network should the plans be deemed acceptable.

Coun David White, who represents the Rockingham ward, told the Chronicle: “Once again, Barnsley Council are stampeding forward with their plans around Hoyland to expedite the conversion of every blade of grass into concrete.

“Whilst almost everyone recognises the importance of ‘progress’ and job creation, there should be balances in place.

“My overwhelming concern is the over-development of the immediate area around the Birdwell Roundabout, already a shambolic car park twice a day, even before most of the new units and warehouses are operational which will add huge volumes of additional vehicles.

“What is the cost to the economy of people sitting in their cars endlessly awaiting gaps in traffic to get them to their places of work?

“Poor planning and no forward thinking in my view.

“But keep building and adding to the problem.”