A LOCAL councillor is working to ensure a 235-home development in Wombwell is completed with residents in mind - following concerns about the loss of green space.

Planning permission was originally granted for the development on Lundhill Road - the former Darfield Foulstone School site - in 2020.

Work has already commenced on the scheme with construction works currently ongoing.

Miller Homes purchased the site after the approval of the original planning application.

As Miller Homes had their own house types they applied to amend the design of the original houses on the scheme to fit their brand which also resulted in some minor alterations to boundary treatments and layout.

These plans were subsequently approved but another application has been submitted to fell 82 trees, down from the 160 which had already been approved - much to the dismay of local residents.

The report said: “This application was advertised by a site notice and neighbour notification letters.

“Eleven residents wrote in on the original submission with the following concerns. - impact on wildlife, too many trees proposing to be lost, insufficient re-planting proposed and trees needed for shade.

“A number of the comments also raised issues that weren’t connected to the planning proposal but related to issues during construction including increase in noise, dust, and pollution and the impact in increase of construction traffic, especially on Gypsy Lane

“A re-consultation has been carried out on the amended scheme.”

However, the new proposal states that a total of 160 trees will be re-planted in the area - meaning that for every tree lost, almost two will be put back in their place.

This has alleviated concerns among a number of agencies, including the council’s biodiversity officers who said they have ‘no significant concerns’.

Coun James Higginbottom, who represents the area and originally made some objections to the scheme, said: “I note the proposed reduction in the number of trees to be felled from 160 to 82 and the proposed planting of 162 trees to replace those lost.

“This represents an onsite replacement ratio of 1:2 as is a welcome amendment to the proposals, bringing the total number of new trees to be planted to 344.

“It is clear that the applicant has taken into consideration the views of elected members and residents who raised significant and legitimate objections to the original application.

“I appreciate that residents may still have concerns about the proposed felling on 82 trees onsite, particularly where those are mature trees and would have otherwise provided a screen to existing properties, creating a negative impact on the visual amenity of said properties.

“There may also be concerns about the adverse impact on biodiversity given the loss of mature trees especially.

“I must stress that at no stage are my comments in respect of the viability of housing delivery at this site.

“The original planning application, approved in 2020, gave the applicant permission to build 235 dwellings and it is clear that those are viable, given that a substantial number of those are constructed and in the process of being marketed.

“This is absolutely not about objecting to homes being built - that’s already happened.

“This is about ensuring the further development happens in a way that works for both residents and communities.”

The plans, which are set to be discussed by the planning board on Tuesday, have been earmarked for approval.