A YOUNG fundraiser who has become part of the ‘fixtures and fittings’ at the borough’s flagship awards night could now be on course to pick up an award of his own...

Guy Hebdon, nine, from Cawthorne, is a young man who has become a familiar face at the annual Proud of Barnsley awards,

With his family, Guy raises money for Children in Need, and at last year’s event managed to collect £2,244 for the charity.

Dad, John, told the Chronicle: “We all love it.

“People have said to us that they only dig deep to donate with him - he’s part of the fixtures and fittings now.

“It’s a lot of money to bring in, and I think people do get inspired by the people and stories being celebrated on the night.

“We’re now thinking of doing things at different periods in the year.”

Yet his Proud of Barnsley collection isn’t the only work this fundraising superstar takes part in, as he has also engaged in sponsored walks and cycles, and volunteers with Macmillan Cancer Support, where his mum Amy works as a fundraising manager.

“I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging or anything, but we’re quite charitable people.

“As parents we obviously want to show that to him and teach him.

“He sees his mum going out doing fundraisers all the time so that helps.

“At nursery he did some charity work, he was going up and down the street looking for sponsors, but back then it was just a walk around the village.

“I think he got £50 or £60 so a lot of it stems from that.”

It’s a miracle Guy has time to fit all his charitable work in though, as the busy Cawthorne Church of England pupil is also massively into sport, playing rugby and cricket, and regularly going swimming and cycling.

“He’s really sporty,” John added.

“He enjoys sporting stuff as much as anything.

“He’s done a triathlon at Wakefield - he was top ten so does really well.

“So he’s doing a lot of this stuff anyway, even if it’s not to fundraise.

“He did a supermarket collection at the Co-op in Mapplewell - the manager came out after and said it was brilliant and asked if he could come in on Saturday when the store’s busier.

“But he’s got cycling Saturday mornings, swimming in the afternoon and sometimes cricket.

“He’s a busy lad.”

Guy is always finding time for charitable causes, but isn’t seeking celebration for his efforts.

For him, the joy comes from being able to give back.

“He’s really not in it for adoration.

“He’s more than happy doing the work.

“When he was handing the money into the bank last time, a lady at NatWest gave him a Grinch calendar as thanks for what he’s done.

“He liked that more than anything else - it’s good to him that good things happen to good people.”