A YOUNG girl from Kendray is set to embark on yet another fundraiser to support children who attend Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Chelsea Ellis, seven, is no stranger to raising funds close to her heart - and in the pandemic managed to raise thousands of pounds for a mental health charity.

But she’s now planning to cycle the distance from Barnsley to the largest children’s hospital in the country - almost 180 miles - to raise money for the children.

Her mum, 29-year-old Keeley, told the Chronicle: “Chelsea is cycling the distance from Barnsley to Great Ormond Street Hospital to raise some money for the sick children.

“I’m so so proud of her, she’s an amazing girl and will do anything to help anyone.

“Chelsea wants to do this to give children the best treatment for their illnesses and to make them feel better.”

She’s set an original target of £500.