A LOCAL service that provides education designed to protect children from abuse has received international support.

My Body is My Body is a unique online service, providing free access to musical educational material that teaches children the best ways to stay safe, and helps begin conversations with trusted adults about their experiences.

Used all over the world, the project led by Chrissy Sykes from Ward Green is now accessible in 27 languages and has been recognised as an important tool to educate youngsters.

Chrissy told the Chronicle: “It’s a unique service that’s designed to be positive.

“It’s not detrimental and it’s not about taking away a child’s innocence.

“The programme can be used to educate children, parents and the community about child abuse - we want to help parents, guardians and teachers begin a conversation with children about this subject.”

Unicef reports that close to 300 million children worldwide between the ages of two to four experience violence from their caregivers.

Chrissy’s vital work has now received support from Rotary International’s Intercountry Committees, who have signed a memorandum of understanding - a partnership agreement - with My Body is My Body.

She travelled down to London on February 9 to meet with leading Rotary members, and hope their support will help her continue her fight against child abuse.

“Rotary is very powerful,” she added.

“They have around 1.4 million members - their support can really help spread the message around the world.

“I’m currently busy contacting people from all sorts of places to help make our work easy to share and get out there.”

Chrissy will be leading a presentation with the Barnsley Rockley Rotary Club on Wednesday at the Metrodome to share more information.