MANY people just don’t realise that when they buy a packet of Tesco’s Finest scones they’re actually buying a product made by Barnsley’s own Haywood and Padgett.

Despite now being the world’s biggest supplier of scones, the baked goods giant had humble beginnings back in 1987 when founder Wayne Padgett decided to sell his products at Barnsley Market.

Over the past 40 years the company has continued to grow, with former market trader Wayne currently working in China, where he is developing professional relationships that will allow the brand to access a new market, bringing further business to town.

His son, Luke, who is now one of the company’s directors, told the Chronicle: “We’re always focused on ensuring the quality and that Barnsley focus.

“One thing we really try to keep is the family vibe.

“We go down to the shop floor every day, we know people by name - it’s good to keep that interaction with staff and keep that family feel.

“There’s lots of opportunities for us this year so we’ll be bringing more jobs into Barnsley, so it’s a win-win really.”

The company provides plenty of support to local charities, providing scones for coffee mornings and sponsoring local events such as the upcoming Young Champions Awards.

Despite their continued growth, the family are committed to keeping the business local first, and currently employ 200 people while providing apprenticeships and training and development opportunities for locals.

Luke points out though that this is an especially ‘exciting year’, as they have been diversifying their product line to include donuts, breadsticks and soon cookies.

“It’s very exciting, we’ve got lots of development opportunities.

“We’re very excited to bring in some new products to market, and hopefully they all go down well.

“We’re just trying to reach as many markets as we can, and keep those opportunities and that business going as much as we can.

“But we always like to keep that Barnsley vibe going as well.”

On Monday, Mayor Mick Stowe and Mayoress Elaine Stowe took a special tour around the company’s factory on Carlton Industrial Estate.

While there they got a chance to peek behind the scenes and learn all the secrets of making award-winning scones.

Coun Stowe said: “I first came across Haywood and Padgett because of the good work they were doing in the community fighting social isolation.

“They’ve done so much to support local communities and people in Barnsley.

“Their charitable work has also gone on to help people in Rotherham and it goes to show that what we do in the local community can be the best thing for all of South Yorkshire.

"How amazing that a local family bakery business has developed from a Barnsley Market small business to an international concern producing scones for all our major supermarkets and now with contracts in Europe and the Far East.

“Employing 200 people and being the biggest producer of scones in the world, what an achievement putting Barnsley at the forefront of producing quality food.”