FROM THE ARCHIVES: There was a distinctive Swiss feeling to Barnsley Amateur Operatic Society’s 1952 production.

Wild Violets, a musical play by Bruno Hards-Warden, was the choice for the society with the show running for six nights at the Theatre Royal and Opera House. There was even a Saturday matinee performance.

The play itself is not quite The Sound Of Music but the costumes used are definitely authentic.

An operetta, the story is about Paul Hoffman, played by Tom Pickles, and his two friends who are heading to their annual school reunion.

There is then a flashback to the courting days with Paul, Otto Bergman (Albert Parkin) and Erik Schmidt (William Guest) waiting for the trio of Liesel (Iris Hedgecox), Mitzi (Betty Ellis) and Lena (Betty Wright).

The story then goes forward with Paul pretending to be a delayed music master as his attempts to impress the girls advances.

The programme, itself a glitzy relic of a sadly bygone age, professionally shows off all the people involved in the production and has excellent and charming dress rehearsal photographs of the cast.

Adverts from the Eyre Brothers, timber merchant Charles Smith, Eldon Street-based Haigh Bros Ltd, Clarkson’s Old Brewery and Oakwell Ales are all included in the memento from the evening – along with a list of all subscribers.

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Are you related to any of the cast or society? What other productions did they work on? Were you lucky enough to see any of the performances?