A YOUNG kickboxing superstar who has just earned his black belt has been put forward for this year’s Young Champions.

Daniel Shearn, 12, earned his black belt last week after spending four years training with coach Charlie Green at his gym, Retro Fitness, in Wombwell.

The passionate Wath Academy pupil is now preparing to jet off across the globe to further his training.

Charlie told the Chronicle: “We’re going to Dubai in June to visit one of the best gyms in the world.

“Daniel is going with some of the other teenagers after he gets back he wants to start getting into competitions.”

Alongside his own training, Daniel has been helping younger kids interested in kickboxing find their feet.

“He’s a junior coach for kids between four and 11,” Charlie added.

“He’s been helping out for the past 18 months all the kids love him.

“There’s two sessions a week and he barely ever misses any he’s a really kind lad.”

Daniel’s dad, John, said: “When he first started he couldn’t even stand on one leg and now he’s a black belt training others.

“He’s really taken to it and just loves it.

“Me and his mum are both so proud of him for what he’s achieved.”