A BOY who secretly gave gifts to everyone in his class has been highlighted by his school.

Birdwell Primary pupil Seth Buchan, nine, decided to start hiding gifts for his fellow pupils last November when the school were promoting World Kindness Day.

Over a few weeks pupils kept finding gifts, though Seth’s involvement remained unknown.

Headteacher Steve Honeyman told the Chronicle: “He left nice notes in each of them.

“At first he stayed anonymous and didn’t want anyone to know it was him, but eventually we found out.

“We had an assembly where we celebrated him for all he’d done.”

After this, Seth joined the school’s Elf Run, where he raised £280 on his own for Barnsley Hospice.

Due to all of this, Steve and the school have chosen to put Seth forward for a Young Champions award.

“The main thing that stood out for us was that he didn’t do it for recognition,” Steve added.

“Generally throughout school he’s a model pupil and a real model to the other kids.

“He’s a credit to his parents, to the school and most importantly himself.”

Seth’s mum, Cheryl Hadfield, said: “He did it all off his own back.

“He literally sat and painted more than 100 wooden decorations all on his own

“Really he just wanted to cheer up the other kids at school - I’m really proud of him.

“He’s such a lovely, kind-hearted boy and it’s great that the school have recognised him.”