I’LL be honest: having reviewed a fair amount of electric vehicles over the last few years, there aren’t many that I’d actually buy with my own money.

Aside from the big-money Porsche Taycan, nothing much has floated my petrol-loving boat other than Cupra’s cracking little Born, which brought a much-needed dose of cool to the often strait-laced sector.

That car’s got a stablemate - the Volkswagen ID3 - and as usual when it involves the marque, it oozes class and combines all of the Born’s brilliance with what’s become synonymous with VW: quality.

Although its overall shape is identical to my eyes, it’s toned down some of the Born’s attitude, so the ID3’s appeal is much larger than its sister car which quite clearly has a younger EV buyer in mind. Inside, it’s a carbon copy as well, albeit with what feel like higher quality materials. It’s spacious, too, thanks to its lofty roof and a handy-to-families 385-litre boot which is a tiny bit more than a mark eight Golf, for reference.

This version - the ID3 Pro - has a smidge over 200bhp and that’s plenty for a car that’s Golf-like in size. That’s good enough for a sprint to 60mph in seven seconds and a claimed range of 260 miles.

Like all EVs, drive like your nan around town and it’s likely to get closer to that claimed figure, but in reality you’re going to be lucky to see 200 miles. That’s a benchmark figure in my opinion for an EV to be a realistic alternative to a traditionally-powered car, so it’s a big tick in that box despite it being a good chunk less than the manufacturer’s oft-skewed claim.

It is fun to drive, though, despite its considerable 1,800kg weight. As with most decent-powered EVs, it’s rapid from 20mph to 50mph, so on typical countryside lanes it is entertaining. Sure, its steering isn’t brimming with feel, but turn the lane assist function off and you will enjoy yourself given its easy-to-place trait, decent brakes, keen turn in and that handy 201bhp.

As with all VW electrics, the ID3’s battery warranty lasts for eight years - or 100,000 miles - and the rest of the car is warranted for three years or 60,000 miles. Again, a respectable package and will give peace of mind to any EV cynics who have worries about battery reliability or rapid degradation.

Starting from a touch over £37,000, the ID3 - if you’re over 30 and a bit long in the tooth for a Cupra Born - is pretty much the pick of the bunch if you’re after a well-equipped, modern EV with a very respectable range.

This car - given its Golf size - had to be great and it most definitely is.