TWO men who collectively brutally beat and stabbed a Barnsley man to death have been found guilty of their actions.

Described by witnesses as ‘tag teaming’ 35-year-old Carl Dixon to his death, Daniel Cheetham, 26, and Liam Shaw, 25, have today been found guilty of murder and manslaughter by a jury.

At 11.19pm on Tuesday September 5, 2023, officers were called to attend a property on George Street in Worsbrough, following reports a man had been stabbed. Despite the efforts of paramedics and officers, Carl was pronounced dead at the scene after suffering multiple stab injuries, including to his heart and lung.

During a three-week trial at Sheffield Crown Court, the jury and court room heard how Cheetham and Shaw had arrived at Dixon’s friend’s property to socialise but quickly after getting there, an altercation between the three started over a box of tablets.

The argument escalated and quickly became violent, with Cheetham obtaining a pair of garden shears from within the property and using them to cause harm to Carl.

Witnesses described seeing Carl slumped across the stairs and losing blood. He was unable to protect himself or fight back but the brutality of the men continued, with each one taking it in turns to assault Carl.

As the situation escalated, one of the men pulled a knife and stabbed Carl in his back and his chest before both men fled the scene. Attempting to protect Carl, a woman in the property tried to stop the men and was also injured, requiring hospital treatment for stab wounds.

A murder investigation began at pace, with five people quickly arrested and interviewed.

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Cheetham and Shaw were interviewed several times and gave a ‘no comment’ response throughout. However, as charges were brought forward and at the prospect of prison, they began to speak and turn on each other, blaming each other for killing Carl.

In the approach to trial at Sheffield Crown Court, Cheetham claimed that he had used the garden shears to hit Carl with but matters escalated with

Shaw getting a knife from the kitchen, however, Shaw later claimed that Cheetham had stabbed Carl multiple times.

Gathering forensic evidence, CCTV and doorbell footage, Cheetham and Shaw were both placed at the scene at the time of Carl’s death.

Previous testimony notes show both men had already met Carl and although were not friends, had planned to socialise that evening. This did not stop the pair being seen on footage leaving Carl to die to protect themselves.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Superintendent Phil Etheridge, said: “The investigation into Carl’s death was a particularly challenging inquiry, with complex scenes and large evidential search areas, as well as less than forthcoming witnesses, where the release of the truth took a considerable amount of time to reveal itself,"

“During those frustrating times, we never lost sight of securing justice for Carl, his family and loved ones, and I am pleased today that we have been able to do this".

Cheetham, of Underwood Avenue, Worsbrough, was found guilty of murder and assault causing actual bodily harm. Shaw, of no fixed address, was found guilty of manslaughter and assault causing actual bodily harm.

Detective Supt Etheridge continued: “The jury has seen through the lies of Cheetham and the fact that he was the one who intended to cause Carl significant harm, with Shaw following his actions, rather than stopping him.

“I hope Carl’s family and friends can end this chapter of their lives and remember and share memories of Carl for the much-loved brother and uncle he was.”

Both men will appear before court tomorrow for sentencing.