AN 82-year-old woman who suffered a heavy fall while home alone didn’t know what she was going to do - until members of a nearby tennis club came to her rescue.

Cynthia Barnes, of Redbrook, fell down the stairs in her house last weekend, chipping her kneecap and landing face-first onto a stone floor.

For almost 15 minutes she laid there on her own searching for help, until tennis players from the neighbouring Barnsley Lawn Tennis Club - which neighbours her home - came to her rescue.

Tennis player Alex Newton, who rushed to Cynthia’s aid, told the Chronicle: “We were on the court when I heard someone shouting for help.

“At first I wasn’t sure if it was just some kids messing about or something.

“Then I heard it again and instantly just ran to the house to help - I found her in this awful state lying on the floor.

“We called for an ambulance and stayed with her - it wasn’t just me but a group of us.

“I hope it’s what anyone would do in that situation.”