A TEEN photographer who’s had a camera in his hand since he was ten is making a name for himself at Oakwell.

Alfie Cosgrove, 17, from Monk Bretton, has had a lifelong love for photography and is currently enrolled on a sports photography apprenticeship where he gets to take pitchside photos across the country.

With help from his dad Mark - who is a professional photographer himself and runs the News Images photo agency - Alfie has developed his own style and reputation that has seen his work get printed in national publications such as the Daily Star.

Mark told the Chronicle: “He’s been like a duck to water.

“I’m a photojournalist so he’s had a camera in his hands since he was ten and has been following in my footsteps.

“People think I heavily coach him, and I do help, but he’s really a natural.”

Alfie has received a sponsorship from camera manufacturers Canon, that has allowed him to get high-end equipment at a reduced price.

With that help he’s got an apprenticeship at his dad’s agency, and joins him regularly at Oakwell to capture pictures of Barnsley’s top players.

“He loves seeing players use his pictures,” Mark added.

“He’s always looking at their social media to see if they’ve uploaded any of his.

“I like to put him in situations near where the celebrations will take place so he gets the glory shots.

“It may sound weird, but we are kind of holding him back - he could shoot just as well as the weathered photographers in the Premier League but we want him to work his way up.

“At the Premier League it’s higher quality football so there are higher expectations for the photographers - it’s good for him to keep working here for now.”

Adding to his many achievements, Alfie has now been nominated for this year’s Young Champions.

“Alfie’s on the shy side, so I thought he’d be against it,” Mark said.

“But he’s actually really for it - there’s a twinkle in his eye.

“Not many teenagers get the opportunities that he’s had - he’s lucky that I’ve got the agency and to get the sponsorship with Canon so it’s let him jump the queue a bit.

“He’s been able to get his foot on the ladder easily, but he still works hard to keep going.

“He just loves photography and has a real eye for it.”