SPORTS students at Barnsley College University Centre are hoping to help young people with disabilities through a new inclusive cricket programme.

The six-week programme is designed to allow young people with disabilities to take part in cricket sessions, while giving students hands-on experience at sporting events.

It has already been shown to develop teamwork, coordination, cognitive and social skills amongst the college’s Learning for Living and Work (LfLW) students - the LfLW department supports students with learning disabilities or difficulties to prepare them for independent living or supported employment.

Jessica Sutton, a BA (Hons) in sport, physical education and health student, said: “The programme was created to develop youth skills development, challenge boundaries and create social cohesion amongst participants.

“The programme has helped us learn how to adapt and tailor sports to include students with learning disabilities and gave us an insight into creating future opportunities in sports for these individuals.

“It has helped me widen my knowledge in sport through adapting sessions to suit different needs and made me take note that more needs to be done to provide inclusive sporting opportunities for children with disabilities, as everyone should be able to access sports.”

Liam Dickinson, sport HE pathway leader, added: “Sport students had to develop their own sporting programme to enable them to develop their self-confidence, leadership skills and enhanced their future employment prospects.

“Encouraging students to run sports programs for peers with learning disabilities fosters inclusivity, empathy and leadership, enriching both the participants and the organisers alike.”

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