A COMPANY is hoping to help nervous flyers overcome their fears by simulating everything that could possibly go wrong while in the air.

The course by flying simulators FlyMe - based in Birdwell - is run by trained pilot Roy Kelly.

Over two-and-a-half hour sessions, he breaks down how planes work, and what emergency defences are in place.

During that time visitors are encouraged to have a go at flying and will experience emergency situations within the onsite fuselage to show how protective equipment works.

“It’s about exposing people to flying and getting them used to it,” Roy told the Chronicle.

“In my experience it’s mostly that people don’t understand what’s going on - with every sound they think: ‘what’s that? Is it okay?’.

“It’s about exposure, think about all the things you’ve done for the first time and how anxious you were then.

“After you’ve done it three or four times you’ll think: ‘what was I worrying about?’.”

Roy has had plenty of experiences with fearful flyers over his 25 years piloting, and feels like he’s now tackling a lot of the issues he’s seen.

“I’ve had fearful passengers, I’ve brought people into the cockpit on flights to show them everything’s okay,” he added.

“This is one of many methods people can use to help assist them face their fears.

“I’m not trying to make claims or guarantee that after this you’ll no longer be scared, but I do guarantee that at the end you’ll have more knowledge about how a plane works.”