TWO Barnsley police officers have been awarded for their bravery after they jumped into a canal to save a woman’s life.

Officers received a 999 call from a man stating that his daughter had got into trouble on a stretch of Royston Canal on Common Lane in August last year.

However, the phone call then ended but officers managed to get a description of the area.

PCs Ben Child and Adam Morton, based at Churchfield station in the town centre, responded immediately and started searching for the pair.

Hearing his shouts for help, they found the man who was managing to hold his unconscious daughter’s head above water.

The woman began breathing on her own having been dragged to a bank and officers provided first aid before fire and ambulance crews arrived.

The heroic duo have been given ‘Testimonials on Vellum’ from the Royal Humane Society, an accolade awarded when someone has put themselves in considerable danger to save - or attempt to save - the life of another.

Chief Superintendent Simon Wanless said: “The quick thinking and selfless actions of the two officers to enter the water saved the woman’s life and possibly that of the father as well who had already been in the water a considerable time and was unable to get his daughter to safety.

“The officers’ heroic decision to place themselves at such risk to save the lives of members of the public is testament to their selflessness, bravery and professionalism.

“We’re proud to have dedicated individuals willing to put the safety of others before themselves, well done and thank you to both PC Child and PC Morton.”