A LOCKDOWN hobby turned into a multi-year journey across the country for one local.

Peter Giles, of Lancaster Street, started searching for river sources in lockdown after seeing his son post videos of his own adventures.

But what was meant to be something to help pass the time and get out of the house has turned into a three-year-long journey, as the 71-year-old travelled across the country to visit as many as he can.

“I started with the River Dearne,” he told the Chronicle.

“It was really good following ordinance maps and peddling my way up the river.

“I just enjoyed it so much I carried on - I’ve visited 303 now.

“It’s kept me busy for two or three years and taken me to some amazing places I wouldn’t have otherwise gone to.

“Because of this I’ve visited every county in England and found some real jewels that are hidden away from the public.”

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As part of this journey, Peter has also visited all 20 river estuaries in the country, and has no plans to slow down now.

“There’s a small one up near Filey that has escaped me,” he added.

“My partner likes it in Filey so I figured she’d be happy to pop up there and get some ice cream on the beach.

“After that I think I’ll try looking north of the border - I’m sure there’ll be some great things to find up there.”