A TALENTED choir singer from across the pond will be performing at a town centre church in the coming weeks as part of her work coaching Barnsley Youth Choir.

Claire Herzog - a world-renowned Soprano - will be visiting St Mary’s Church the first week in May to run workshops with the choir’s talented youngsters before performing a recital at 7pm on May 4.

Some choir singers will have the opportunity to perform on stage with her, as part of their coaching.

The singer first met artistic director of the youth choir, Mat Wright, when he attended one of her concerts in her home state of Missouri, which he described as ‘truly breathtaking’.

He added: “She’ll be working with all our choirs over the course of the weekend.

“She’s world class, but beyond singing she’s also a brilliant vocal coach.

“It’s wonderful to be welcoming people like her to Barnsey with that successful international pedigree.

“We’re all very excited.”

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