Martin Devaney says ‘everyone should be delighted’ after Barnsley qualified for the League One play-offs with a 1-1 draw against Northampton Town but does not know if he will take charge for the semi-finals.

The Reds took the lead through Herbie Kane then conceded in the 94th minute, slipping down to sixth but staying in the play-off places because Blackpool and Lincoln lost.

Barnsley will now face third-placed Bolton Wanderers in the semi-final next Saturday and the following Tuesday.

Devaney said: “I didn’t want to know the other results. My mindset was to win and it wouldn’t matter what happened elsewhere. I didn’t want the players to know at half-time. Obviously when the final whistle goes I want to know what’s going on. The results went for us. It was a nervous wait after the game. Everyone in the stadium was nervous.”

Devaney was put in charge for this game after the sacking of Neill Collins while it is unclear who will lead the team in the play-offs.

“I don’t know what’s happening. I am just going to enjoy today.

I don’t know if I will be in charge for the play-offs. I haven’t been told anything. I am sure we will know what we’re doing by Monday.”

Devaney promised to ‘take the shackles’ off with an attacking performance but it was a very tight game with few chances.

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“It never pans out like you want it to. Before the game I was being overly positive. It’s a mentality and psychological thing for the players. You can’t change tactics overnight but the gameplan worked. We pressed really well in the first half and scored a good goal then had another chance with Coley. But these games are always going to be tight. Northampton weren’t playing for much which can be dangerous and our players could feel the magnitude of the game. I have been there and lived it. You feel tight.

“We’re in the play-offs so everyone should be delighted. It’s not just about what’s happened today. It’s been the whole season, the lads have tried so so hard. We are where we want to be.”

Northampton scored from a set piece with seconds left. Devaney said he thought there was a foul on Sam Cosgrove before Northampton were given the free-kick.

He added: “It’s that mentality to see the game out. I won’t name names but one or two have switched off and not dealt with a long ball. But let’s not be negative, we’re in the play-offs. We have to get better at set pieces for the play-offs. I haven’t been able to get much across about game management because I’ve only been in the job for a few days.”

On Kane’s goal, his tenth of the season, Devaney said: “It’s great to see him on double figures. He’s earned it. In this game with the pressure he’s a quality player that can find the bit of quality.”

Devaney, who has been associated with the club since 2005, was thrilled to help them into the play-offs.

“It’s a great feeling. I love this club. I feel I have been great for the club and the club has been great to me. So to be given this opportunity with the magnitude of the game, I have been able to deliver the play-offs. Alright we got a bit of luck elsewhere but you earn your luck.”

Defender Mael de Gevigney added: “Mixed emotions. We’re a bit disappointed about the goal we conceded at the last minute but it’s a release when we saw Lincoln had been beat. Now we’re in the play-offs and it’s a good feeling.

“After the final whistle, people told us Lincoln were losing but the game wasn’t finished. Everybody was on their phone. We saw they lost and we were happy.”