BARNSLEY’S answer to Billy Elliot is working as an ambassador to help make boys feel comfortable trying ballet.

Huw Hyde, 11, has loved ballet since he was a toddler, watching kids’ dance shows on repeat from a young age.

The youngster from Wombwell has since gone on to develop his own skills, giving up his free time to become a talented young dancer.

His mum, Nicky, told the Chronicle: “Since he was three he’s loved ballet.

“Northern Ballet did a Three Little Pigs show for CBeebies as soon as it came on he was enchanted.

“We had to keep a recording of it because he wanted to watch it all the time.

“Eventually we took him to see one of those kids’ ballets live and he loved it.

“When he went to school at five we got him a place at ballet school, too.

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“He loved it he made friends and built a community through it.”

Eventually, the Jump Primary pupil realised he’d done all he could at his young ballet school and reached out elsewhere to take his training further.

Joining Project Resurgence in Leeds, he is now training with Martin Howland, who had previously trained current Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.

“He’s worked with him since September and has come a long way,” Nicky added.

“He’s now auditioned and got a place at Northern Ballet Centre for Advanced Training.

“It’s the only vocational ballet training that’s not in a boarding school.

“He’ll be training in Leeds three days a week, then he’ll have three weeks’ intensive training over summer holiday.

“We’ll have to sacrifice some family holiday time, but if it’s what your kid wants to do then you’ve got to do it.

“He’s a really good ambassador for dance and so proud about it.

“He talks about it in school and takes in his medals after shows to let people see it’s something he’s not embarrassed about and he is showing other boys they can do it too.

“In the end he’d like to be a professional ballet dancer, but that’s extremely difficult to get into.

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and he’s putting in the work to get there.”