FRANKIE-JO Whittaker has gone above and beyond to support her sister who suffers with seizures.

The nine-year-old Laithes Primary pupil does a lot for her older sister, Tilly Lowe, helping out however she can while she suffers with regular seizures.

Over the past year, 18-year-old Tilly has been in intensive care and the family have been trying everything to help her.

Mum Leah Lowe told the Chronicle: “Her seizures can go on for days, even with medical care.

“She has them regularly, even during the night.

“We’ve tried every medicine we can, but none of them have worked because her epilepsy is so severe.

“Frankie’s seen it all, in intensive care and at home.

“If it happens she’ll bring me the phone so I can call an ambulance.

“Then she’ll stand by the window watching out for the ambulance.

“As soon as she sees it, she’ll call ‘mummy, mummy they’re here’.

“She’ll rush downstairs and let them in and take them to Tilly.

“She’s always looking after her sister.”

In spite of these extra responsibilities, Frankie-Jo hasn’t given up on her school work, attending and getting on without complaint and being an ideal pupil.

“She’s flourishing,” Leah added.

“Every morning she potters off to school with a smile on her face.”

Her teacher, Rob Mynett, said: “Frankie often comes in to school with lots on her mind or having had a late night or an early morning helping care for her sister.

“She is always polite and tries to concentrate on her work, trying her best all the time.

“She is a credit to the school.”