Lately we’ve started going out walking a bit more - in-between showers of course - and it’s lovely.

So last week we ventured to Bridlington and decided that since it was quite a good day weather-wise, we would walk along the beach from Brid to Sowerby.

I don’t know if anyone actually knows this walk but it’s very rocky and in certain parts walkers actually are clambering over rocks which can be quite hard going, but I was determined that we were going to make it.

Well, as we were walking along, I couldn’t believe my eyes and became really giddy and excited because there was this bloke making sculptures using the rocks.

He was balancing them on top of different sized and shaped rocks, but he also was in the process of making an arch - oh my goodness, it was amazing and all very clever.

Unfortunately, at the end of our walk we had to begin the climb up all the steps from the beach to the cliff top. Imagine the steps at Whitby - they are very similar to them but winding up the cliff side.

Quite safe but very steep but there was no turning back, so we plodded on up.

I had to keep stopping to get my breath. I kept shouting how unfit I was back to Pete who most probably didn’t answer me.

I reached the top with a victorious shout of ‘yes, I made it’ to everyone’s amusement who were sat at the top and had obviously watched me huffing and puffing my way up.

Once Pete had made his way up we sat and drank in the wonderful view. Well worth it, I think…

Then at home we decided to go for a walk around Newmillerdam. I love it there and go there for a walk quite often, but this day I announced that I wasn’t doing the usual walk around the water.

No. I wanted to go somewhere different. So off we went on a new path that had been made along the top of the hill.

It was so peaceful and calming, and quite easy underfoot. Now and again, we would pass someone walking along and a welcoming of ‘morning’ was exchanged, we even had a greeting of ‘how do?’ which took me back to my dad as he always used to say that.

Oh, I was in my element. Then, as we turned a corner we were met with a huge carpet of bluebells; it stretched the entire length and breadth of the forest floor, and the smell was absolutely divine.

I love bluebells and just at that moment when our eyes met this glorious sight, we heard a woodpecker.

I honestly can’t remember the last time that I had heard a woodpecker, but there it was making its lovely, distinctive hacking sound.

I could have carried on walking but we only had two hours’ parking, so our walk had to come to an end.

I can assure you we will be back again.