A PAIR of devoted dads from Thurnscoe are one step closer to realising their dream of opening up a sensory garden for autistic children in the area.

Michael and Paul Atwal-Brice are avid fundraisers for several charities and have won a number of awards.

They have two sets of twins - Levi and Lucas, and Lotan and Lanson.

Levi and Lucas both have severe autism, developmental delay, severe learning difficulties, are pre-verbal, and can require round-the-clock care and supervision.

They are also severely epileptic and have been hospitalised throughout their lives due to seizures.

Michael and Paul have acquired a piece of land on the allotments at Togo Street, Thurnscoe, and are now hoping to turn the site into a sensory garden for autistic children.

They embarked on their journey earlier this year and with the help of residents and local businesses, they’ve been able to turn the site into something very special.

Local firms MWay Comms and TJCivils have donated their time and materials - worth around £20,000 - to ensure the site is accessible.

Michael said: “We’re so grateful to them.

“The site has come on so much since the last time we put out an appeal.

“The work they’ve done is worth around £20,000 to make it wheelchair accessible.

“We’re now trying to raise £6,000 so we can get some inclusive play equipment there.

“Hopefully people will be able to support this.”