A COLLEGE student who began in foundation learning is now preparing to go to a prestigious university as he’s found his passion on the radio.

Thomas Sharp began his higher education at Barnsley College in foundation learning, though thanks to his determination he managed to work his way into mainstream learning.

Now, the 19-year-old is in his final year of level three broadcast journalism studies, where he discovered a deep love of working on the radio.

He told the Chronicle: “Originally it was my teachers who got in touch with Lee Barber, who’s now my tutor.

“He’s the big radio guy of the college, so helped me get on my first show, which was the Big Top 40.

“It was a chart show, it wasn’t as big as Capital or anything like that, but I got to do the top 20.”

Beyond his studies, Tom has taken on the role of manager for Vibe Radio, the college’s station.

In that role he has spearheaded an overhaul of the station, displaying excellent leadership and innovation, with a commitment to help all students develop the skills needed to create their own radio show.

Under his guidance, Vibe Radio achieved ‘Station of the Year’ at the 2023 Young Audio Awards, which has helped him earn a place at the University of Salford in Media City, where he will begin his studies this September.

He added: “It’s the UK’s number one student-led radio station.

“Loads of presenters come together, so as the manager I bring together the students.

“We’ve got gaming shows, celebrity gossip shows, we’ve got sport shows too.

“I do a breakfast show each morning from 8am to 10am I must be mad because I get into the studio at 7.30am.

“Eventually I want to bring my show to national radio and be on either Hits Radio or Capital FM.”