A MATH-LOVING student has been doing all he can to improve the skills of others.

Radomir Stamatov, a Barnsley Sixth Form College student, has impressed teachers and peers alike with his proactive approach to learning.

Over his two years studying at the college, the 17-year-old set up and currently hosts a weekly club for A-level mathematics students - preparing presentations and resources in line with the teaching curriculum of the college, all while listening and adapting to what other students need.

He told the Chronicle: “I’ve always like patterns and numbers and really enjoy solving a nice mathematical problem.

“I wanted to teach, I wanted to show how the skills we learn can be applied to the exam questions that we’ll get, but also to develop a kind of love, nurture and passion for maths, which is the more important thing I think.”

On top of all of this, he is excelling in French studies and organises poetry readings.

Now he has eyes on attending Oxford University, and has already been offered a place - if he can get good enough grades in his upcoming exams.

Thanks to all of this, he has been put forward in the shortlist for this year’s Young Champions, as Student of the Year.

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“I think students are happy that I’ve been there,” he added.

“They’re happy that I’ve provided them a place to develop their mathematical capabilities.

“But also for the department I think it’s a really positive thing, and I’m thankful for my teachers who have been supporting me where they can.”