A LONG-AWAITED report which promised to delve into the feasibility of a park-and-ride scheme to serve Barnsley Hospital has been completed - and its findings will be revealed to the public.

The probe was first spearheaded by Peter Fielding, an ex-councillor who served the Dodworth ward, who said its creation would ease congestion around the notorious traffic snagpoint and improve air quality.

Peter, who chaired a task and finish group into air quality two years ago before his retirement, said: “The hospital site only has capacity for parking for about half of its staff.

“There is insufficient capacity to cope with patient and visitor parking demand, hence why Gawber Road and Pogmoor Road and are regularly congested.

“I still think a park-and-ride scheme would be successful, especially if it’s linked to the work on land known as MU1.

“A piece of land could be identified there and we could perhaps provide a priority access route to the hospital, which would be an excellent way of getting people quickly to the hospital by parking at Capitol Park at Dodworth or the MU1 site.

“If we can provide those residents with a park and ride scheme that not just goes to the hospital but then goes on to the town centre, I think that will be an excellent opportunity.

“The problems continue, as they have for years, because unfortunately the site’s completely landlocked and can only build up, not out, due to having no space.

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“Congestion and on-street parking around the hospital are both terrible and must be infuriating for those who live around the site.”

Peter’s son, Coun Will Fielding, took on the mantle and was given an update from the council.

Coun James Higginbottom, cabinet spokesperson for environment and highways, said the study is currently going through the council’s ‘internal governance process’.

The Chronicle understands it will be scheduled to be discussed at a cabinet meeting this year with findings and considerations, before it makes its way to full council if it’s deemed a feasible proposition.

“We will then be in a position to release the report, and any actions that arise from it, to members and the wider public,” Coun Higginbottom added.

“We don’t have a concrete timeframe but it will go through the normal process to cabinet.”

The council agreed to undertake a feasibility study in July 2022 - and Coun Higginbottom said the investigation was ‘taking longer than expected’.

“The consultants have had to undertake a lot of data gathering both with the council and the hospital, which is time-consuming.

“We appreciate it has taken longer than anticipated but where information has not been available, the consultants have had to do the necessary data capture to ensure the study is robust.”