AN award-winning father and daughter film-making duo have began work on their latest project.

Dean Sills, 56, and his 25-year-old daughter Rebecca, from Bolton-upon-Dearne, are currently working on a Laurel and Hardy film.

They have already interviewed Mark Greenhow, the current curator and owner of the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Ulverston.

Dean said: “Mark is brilliant, he took my daughter and I on a tour of the museum before it opened to the public and I was actually blown away by just how special the place is.

“It’s like stepping back in time.

“Mark’s interview is short and sweet but we can’t make a film on Laurel and Hardy without starting in Ulverston with Mark.

“His passion and knowledge made it a real joy to interview him.”

Rebecca added: “I loved meeting and filming with Mark, we are really excited about this film.

“We have a number of interviews lined up but it’s a project we won’t rush to finish.

“On some of our other films we have had a deadline so there is no pressure at all with this one.

“I think it’s great as a filmmaker you can do fun projects like this.”