PETROL prices in Barnsley have increased by almost five pence per litre since February - prompting Barnsley South candidate Stephanie Peacock to hand in a petition calling for lower prices to the government.

Almost a year ago, the Chronicle began an online campaign to reduce the prices of petrol across the borough after it was revealed motorists in the town are often spending much more on filling their tanks than those living in far more affluent areas.

Hundreds of people have signed a petition calling for answers - but infuriatingly no one has been able to provide any to date.

As of Wednesday morning, the cheapest locals in Barnsley were able to find petrol is 146.7p - and you’ll struggle to find anywhere more expensive across the entire country.

Further analysis shows there isn’t a town or city in either West or South Yorkshire where you’ll be able to fill up your tank for a more expensive price.

In Rotherham prices were just 145.9 pence per litre, and it’s even cheaper in Doncaster and Sheffield.

Meanwhile in Leeds there’s multiple areas with prices as low as 136.9 pence per litre.

But it’s not just areas locally that aren’t forking out as much for their petrol as Barnsley motorists are - it’s some of the most affluent areas of the country.

People in Fulham are paying 144.9 pence per litre, whilst in Mayfair it’s even cheaper.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s constituency of Richmond are paying almost seven pence less per litre.

This prompted Stephanie, who has been campaigning alongside the Chronicle for several months, to hand the petition in to Parliament earlier this week to ensure it was on record before the general election.

She has already written to petrol providers across her constituency - and has been out and about in her area collecting signatures - but so far it has come to no avail.

She said: “I do not think it is fair that motorists in Barnsley are paying higher petrol prices than neighbouring areas, and sometimes even Central London.

“Over the last year, I have been working with the Barnsley Chronicle to raise awareness of the issue.

“We have also circulated a petition calling for prices to be lowered in line with comparable rates to the local community.

“Prices in Barnsley are regularly three pence per litre higher than areas nearby like Wakefield and Kirklees.

“I have written to providers, raised the issue in Parliament on a number of occasions and called on ministers directly to take action.

“Before Parliament rose for the general election, I presented our petition so it is on the record and I will continue campaigning on this issue.”

You can sign the petition on the Barnsley Chronicle website.

Compare the prices

n Barnsley - 146.7p

n Sheffield - 141.9p

n Rotherham - 145.9p

n Doncaster - 141.9p

n Leeds - 136.9p

n Wakefield - 142.7p

n Huddersfield - 139.7p

n Fulham - 144.9p

n Mayfair - 143.9p

n Manchester - 137.9p

n Richmond - 139.9p

Comments from those who have signed the petition

n We’ve always been the underdogs in Barnsley. We pay inflated prices for everything yet receive no services such as potholes and roads renewed. The Dearne in Barnsley is the forgotten area.

n Incredibly strange targeted prices. I call for a ‘petrol strike’ and only only buy fuel elsewhere until this corrects itself.

n I’m sick off less refined diesel being so much dearer than ultra-refined petrol.