A TEENAGE burglar who raided a couple’s home and threatened them with a crowbar has been sentenced to six years behind bars - after police apprehended him following a high-speed pursuit.

Sam Walker, of Wright Crescent in Wombwell, has been locked up in a young offenders’ institution after committing an aggravated burglary in Conisbrough last October.

The 19-year-old smashed his way into the victims’ home before confronting them and demanding they hand over their car keys.

He then stole their car from the driveway and fled the scene.

However, he was soon sighted in the stolen vehicle by two Doncaster response officers who flashed for it to be pulled over.

Walker didn’t comply, resulting in a ten-minute pursuit where he drove 60mph through a 30mph zone, before reversing into the pursuing police car.

A thorough probe by the Operation Castle team - a group of Doncaster officers investigating household burglaries in the city - led to him being charged with aggravated burglary and a number of other offences, including driving a motor vehicle dangerously, criminal damage to property and possession of a controlled class A drug, namely cocaine.

He was sentenced to a total of six years in a young offenders’ institution during a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court last Friday.

Detective Sergeant James Wiggins, who leads the Operation Castle team, said: “Walker terrorised a couple in their own home and I can’t imagine how scared they must have felt when he confronted them armed with a crowbar.

“The Op Castle team have worked incredibly hard to combat burglaries in Doncaster and the sentence given to Walker is testament to the hard work put into securing multiple charges against a dangerous individual.

“I hope the serving of this significant custodial sentence allows Walker’s victims to move on with their lives after their horrific ordeal.

“I also hope it sends a clear message to burglars in the city that your crimes will not be tolerated and that the detectives working on Op Castle will do everything in their power to bring individuals like Walker to justice.”