A BERNESLAI Homes neighbourhood officer has been awarded for his work in tackling drug use and antisocial behaviour.

Robert Hargreaves, one of the organisation’s neighbourhood officers, was recognised at the South Yorkshire Police Barnsley District Awards earlier this month for his exceptional partnership work with Barnsley Council and the police.

He and his colleagues received the Outstanding Problem Solving Award for their work in tackling antisocial behaviour whilst working on the Summer Lane estate.

The group tackled county lines gangs, drug use, and drug dealing.

A spokesperson for Berneslai Homes said: “Robert played a key role in joint operations and visits to both victims and perpetrators on the estate before sharing vital information with the police which meant they could build their cases to tackle the issues and to go to court.( “Everyone deserves to feel safe where they live and we’re working closely with partners to make sure our estates are safe and happy places to live in.

“Robert’s unwavering commitment and dedication significantly contributed to improving the quality of life for residents in the area and it’s a great example of effective partnership working and collaboration with residents for a positive outcome.”