GHOST hunters whose work has been featured on Sky and ITV’s This Morning spent Monday night in Wombwell to investigate what is supposedly a paranormal hotspot.

Lee Steer and his partner Sarah Carter travel across the country trying to find the strangest paranormal occurrences in the UK.

The pair share their discoveries with their 2.8 million Facebook followers, and this week livestreamed an exploration of the so-called Convicts’ Tunnel in Wombwell Woods.

Lee told the Chronicle: “We go around every day looking for haunted spots.

“I’m from Rotherham, which isn’t far, so was aware of Wombwell Woods which is apparently haunted.

“But I wanted to do something a bit different, so when I heard about Convicts’ Tunnel I knew we needed to go.”

Supposedly, the tunnel was used in the 19th century to transport convicts to prison - this was meant to be a spot where they could rest during their travels.

Other paranormal investigators have visited the site, but Lee and Sarah - who were joined by their friend Nick Evers - took a collection of ghost-finding gadgets in the hope of getting some concrete evidence.

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“We’re out every day so we always fully charge our batteries before leaving,” Lee added.

“It’s said that spirits can drain batteries and three of our batteries were drained completely shortly after arriving.

“We put out motion sensors and they started picking up movement.

“We realised that there was some grass messing with the sensors, so moved it and set it up again but it was still picking up movement from something we couldn’t see.

“All of us heard some voices - we could hear a female moaning then later on in the night we heard a male speaking, so it was like two people speaking to one another.

“We’re all sceptical on the team but we could definitely hear this.

“Our recorder also picked up something aggressive - like screaming - but we couldn’t figure out exactly what they were saying.

“It was quiet there so our equipment shouldn’t have picked up anything.”