LAST weekend volunteers at Barnsley Main organised an open day to teach locals a bit about their history.

Volunteers have worked hard to develop the site, making sure the historical landmark remains in good condition and becomes a place where people can visit and discover more about the life of miners.

Visitors, including Mayor and Mayoress John and Doreen Clarke as well as local Labour candidates Dan Jarvis and Stephanie Peacock, got to tour the site and enjoy a variety of entertainment and stalls.

Of particular interest was a ring made by H2ERG, a London-based jeweller who developed the item using minerals extracted from the soil at Barnsley Main through a new form of environmentally-friendly recycling called ‘phytomining’.

Developed by Phyona Ltd, the process sees plants absorb waste and minerals from the soil which can then be harvested from the leaves.

The unique piece of jewellery has been donated to the Barnsley Main Heritage Group and will be displayed at future events.

Invaluable support was also provided by the 22nd Barnsley Scout Group.

Volunteer Janet Town said: “Volunteers loved the interaction with the visitors - there were so many people complimenting the work done to ensure the site is preserved as a former place of work and a meaningful memorial.

“So many guests spoke of previously working at Barnsley Main, whether they did themselves or a relative had.

“Of real interest to the volunteers as well though was the ring - it’s fascinating to have watched vegetation grow, and be harvested and then be returned in a completely different form.”