ENTERPRISING pupils at a local school got the chance to develop new skills while having fun through a unique event.

The year six pupils at Gawber Primary School worked in teams to create their own businesses with logos and products as they worked to raise funds for an end-of-year trip to Whitby.

Over the course of five weeks they worked hard during play times, lunches and after school to make sure they had products ready to sell at an organised event.

On March 19, parents, carers and families were invited to the school to buy what the pupils had made, and £308.52 was raised for the trip, well above the original £50 goal.

Teaching assistant, Ellie Richardson, told the Chronicle: “The club was the first trial run and it could not have been more successful.

“The children were extremely enthusiastic and wanted to succeed from the start.

“They worked together in their small groups and as a large group to ensure they raised enough to fund the trip - they really wanted to make sure it worked out for their classmates.

“When they were selling their products the children took authority and worked well in teams and presented themselves well - after the event they tidied everything away and thought of a plan for any unsold items.

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“They were beaming with pride when telling their classmates, teachers and the rest of the school their total and what they were going to do with it.

“I then gave them a wage slip for £5 each and explained this was for them as they had put all the work into the project.”

While the first event of its kind at the school, the work of these pupils has gone on to inspire others who now want to do the same.

Ellie added: “The children’s work has inspired others in the school to create and sell their own products and some of the children have even signed up to help our next set of entrepreneurs succeed like they did.

“As their teacher I am so proud of the children and could not have asked for a more enthusiastic group to work with.

“They helped make it fun and exciting and it was lovely to see their ideas and pride beaming through - all this while learning valuable life skills.”