RENOWNED Barnsley sculptor Graham Ibbeson says he’s ‘chuffed to bits’ to be able to unveil a bust in memory of the late Sir Ken Dodd.

Graham, now 72, was originally commissioned by the Friends of the Grand Theatre to sculpt a portrait of the legendary comic which was unveiled last year.

Lady Anne Dodd, Ken’s widow, is donating her personal sculpture to the Leeds City Varieties Music Hall - which saw its auditorium renamed in honour of Sir Ken at a special event yesterday.

Graham told the Chronicle: “Ken Dodd actually unveiled my sculpture of Laurel and Hardy back in 2010.

“I was approached during lockdown to make a sculpture of him and Lady Dodd commissioned it herself.

“Ken was an absolute legend - it’s a great honour that I’ve been able to do this for him.

“I’m chuffed to bits that I’ve been able to do it.”

Lady Dodd to Barnsley at the back end of the pandemic - and Graham said that’s when he realised he’d nailed it.

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“She shed a tear when she saw it - that’s when I knew I’d got it right,” he added.

“I wanted to honour my hero and I’ve done that.

“I made the Eric Morecambe sculpture 25 years ago and it’s 40 years since I did the Viking sculpture.

“It’s a big year for me in terms of milestones.”