A LOCAL man cycled spent three months cycling to the bottom of the world to raise funds for Barnsley Hospice.

Wayne Exley cycled over 4,000 kilometres from Santiago in Chile, to Ushuaia in Argentina - the southernmost city in the world.

Inspired by the care his sister-in-law received at the hospice, Wayne took on this challenge to give back to the charity, beginning his ride in December and completing it mid-March, all while raising £1,600.

Despite careful preparation, the solo ride was still tough, with Wayne going days without speaking to anyone and facing challenging landscapes, often on gravel roads.

Yet it was the support he got from people he met along the way that kept him going.

He said: “The best part of cycle touring is the freedom, and the hardest part is giving up that freedom.

“Pedalling 4,170 kilometres was a big achievement, but surpassing my £1,000 fundraising target for Barnsley Hospice made me feel especially proud.

“The kindness of strangers was inspiring and hearing their stories is something I will cherish forever

“Cycling through the natural wonders of Chile and Argentina was a privilege.

“The mountain climbs, isolation and seemingly endless pampas tested me both physically and mentally.

“This experience has made me more resilient and mentally stronger.”

Vicky Stead, community relationships manager at the hospice, added: “Wayne’s extraordinary journey and the funds he has raised highlight both his incredible dedication and the generosity of our community.

“We can’t thank Wayne enough for his support and the positive difference it will make to the people we support at the hospice.”