NIGEL Farage was greeted by protesters as he arrived in Barnsley town centre earlier today - with one man being arrested as he reportedly threw objects at the Reform UK leader.

It was only minutes after Farage’s arrival at Eldon Street that counter protesters gathered outside his open-top bus, chanting and calling him a fascist.

The situation quickly escalated, with Farage heading back inside the bus to avoid any attempts by protestors to harm him.

Nevertheless, police had to arrest a 28-year-old man on suspicion of public order offences - he is believed to have thrown object from a nearby construction area and remains in custody.

Farage told the Chronicle: “There are those that support you and those that don’t, and that’s absolutely fine.

“Why can’t we agree to disagree with passion?

“You can shout a rude word at me - I don’t care - but a threat that you’re going to be physically assaulted is not very funny.”