WORK is now underway to build a new ultrafast broadband network for residents in Penistone.

Openreach bosses have said it will give residents and businesses access to some of the fastest, most reliable broadband anywhere in Europe.

The ‘once-in-a-generation’, full fibre broadband upgrade will let thousands of local people and businesses connect multiple devices at gigabit-capable speeds and help businesses to trade online and compete for decades to come.

The new technology is more reliable, more resilient and future-proof; with fewer faults; predictable, consistent speeds and enough capacity to easily meet growing data demands.

Dane Packer, Openreach senior engineering manager, said: “Work is underway to bring ultrafast broadband to Penistone and we want to let local people know what to expect.

“This is a major infrastructure upgrade, so you will see more of our engineers, vans and equipment out and about but we’re working hard to keep disruption to a minimum.

“Wherever possible, we’ll use our existing network of ducts and poles to avoid roadworks, new street furniture and disturbance.

“But there may be places where we need to install new poles or underground ducts because it’s the only way to make sure as many premises as possible are included in the upgrade.”

The firm’s network across Barnsley now reaches around 22,000 homes and businesses with thousands of residents in Goldthorpe and Hoyland, already able to benefit.

Investment is planned in other local locations such as Barnsley town centre, Cudworth, Darton, Royston, Silkstone and Wombwell.