REFORM UK are closing in on two of the Labour candidates in Barnsley ahead of next week’s general election, the latest polls suggest.

If the polls are correct, then Labour will win their seats.

However, in the last week Reform UK’s Barnsley North candidate Bob Lomas and the Barnsley South candidate David White have closed the gap.

In the North constituency, Labour candidate Dan Jarvis is projected to gain 45.65 per cent of the vote, whilst Mr Lomas is predicted to gain 40.32 per cent.

It’s a two per cent increase in just one week.

Meanwhile, a 12 per cent gap between Labour candidate Stephanie Peacock and Mr White in Barnsley South has now shrunk to less than seven per cent.

Marie Tidball, Labour’s candidate for Penistone and Stocksbridge is well ahead in the polls and is set to oust current Tory MP Miriam Cates from her seat.

Reform’s Edward Dillingham is projected to finish third in that constituency.


Dan Jarvis, Labour 45.65 per cent

Bob Lomas, Reform UK 40.32 per cent

Tamas Kovacs, Conservative 6.32 per cent

Tom Heyes, Green 5 per cent

Penny Baker, Lib Dems 2.71 per cent

Other Less than one per cent


Stephanie Peacock, Labour 46.84 per cent

David White, Reform UK 38.89 per cent

Suzanne Pearson, Conservative 6.62 per cent

Trevor Mayne, Green 4.72 per cent

Simon Clement-Jones, Lib Dems 2.92 per cent

Other less than one per cent.


Marie Tidball, Labour 41.49 per cent

Miriam Cates, Conservatives 26.24 per cent

Edward Dillingham, Reform UK 22.75 per cent

Rob Reiss, Lib Dems 9.53 per cent

Other less than one per cent.