Message to Barnsley Council - concerning your 'stay on the line and complete a short survey' using your telephone keypad… do check your systems when you set them up.

When you are presented with the question 'which service did you ring up about - please use 6 for other' it will only let you press between 1 and 5 and all attempts to press 6 fall by the wayside so I think you need to look at that.

Shame if my feedback didn't get through because I gave newbie 'James' who dealt with my enquiry gold stars all the way.

I have been on holiday, the first one we've had for over five years because we've been caring for parents in vulnerable states.

It was bliss, getting my arms and legs out for Mr Sunshine. You don't realise how much you need a holiday until you're on it.

What I noticed was that however 'primitive' some places we went to may look at the side of us, they didn't have any potholes on their busy roads.

What I also noticed was how wonderful it was to live without social media and news because I had no wi-fi. When I did switch on, I wished someone would find the source of the internet and just smash it up.

The disappearance of the lad in Tenerife for instance. He might not have been an angel, there might be a lot more to the story but my god the vileness online, the trolling his family have received when at the heart of the story is a 19-year-old kid who is missing and they must be going out of their minds - and that is cheap, joke fodder, is it?

Is this who we are now as a society? I hope none of them are ever in the same situation and don't get me started on the voting battles.

It's a bit like having to choose between death by hanging, drowning or shooting. Across the pond too - Sleepy Joe making as much sense as I do after a bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream. One of the comedians we went to see on our jollies said that he's so far gone, he'll probably vote for Trump. What a world. How lovely it was to get off it for three glorious weeks.

Regarding the letter in last week's Chron, a kind one about me seeing orbs in my parents' house (I'm sure there are plenty of people who think 'I've lost the plot' and not only about reporting what I saw).

The thing is, I knew I was quite vulnerable at the time and so I was careful not to see any 'message' as comfort like a robin or a white feather - nope, they're just a bird and a feather to me, love.

But those orbs were strong enough to set off alarms. They were only seen just after mum died and on the morning of her funeral.

Trust me, I did my best to explain them away. Years ago. I was working in Wales in the middle of nowhere and myself and a group of fellow workers witnessed something whizzing from one side of the night sky to the other. Couldn't have been an asteroid, shooting star, plane, not at that speed and not with those erratic movements. Couldn't be rationalised away then and never will be.

I feel privileged to have experienced both these very special and beyond weird phenomena. And when you're in that position, it's not important to convince anyone else what you saw. If you know, you know.