BARNSLEY South's Reform UK candidate says the stars 'might just be aligning' after an exit poll suggested he will become the new MP for the area.

He has been a councillor in the Rockingham ward for a number of years, and decided to stand as a Parliamentary candidate in this year's elections for Reform.

The exit polls suggest both Dan Jarvis and Stephanie Peacock will lose their seat.

David White is 98 per cent likely to become the Barnsley South MP, whilst Bob Lomas is 99 per cent likely to win in Barnsley North. The source is Ipsos UK.

David told the Chronicle: "It's absolutely ridiculous.

"It shows that the people of Barnsley are a lot more savvy than people give us credit for.

"Barnsley has been badly affected by a Labour council and Labour MPs.

"People tell me they're not interested - and that's shown by people's anger and voting intention."

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He admits that never in his wildest dreams did he expect the exit polls to be so heavily in his favour.

"When I saw the electoral calculus and they gave us 77 per cent chance of winning I thought even that was optimistic.

"But this is what we're hearing on the streets.

"Everybody is saying we're going to vote Reform.

"I'd rather hear the fat lady sing but it's certainly quite exciting."

He added that Nigel Farage's visit to the town could have been the key during this election.

"The Farage effect is absolutely huge.

"I've had two years working as a local councillor - I work a lot harder than people realise.

"I spent quite a lot of time talking with Nigel.

"What I saw was a very genuine, honest and caring guy.

"He went out and spoke to a lot of people - they absolutely loved him.

"I think the stars might just be aligning."